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Contributor - Marketing Tool Depot
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Are you interested in contributing to Marketing Tool Depot? Well if you're the right fit, we're certainly interested as well! This can be a great win-win scenario where we get awesome original content for our visitor, and you get recognition and the ability to link back to your own website or blog. Like we said, it's win-win!

Also, once you've contributed at least 5 articles and/or videos to our site, we will give you full Author status with Marketing Tool Depot. That means you'll get your own byline and description below all articles, with links to your site, and will be fully searchable by author on our website as well.

We do have some basic guidelines for guest contributors, so please read through them before contacting us:

  • Article or video contributions must be created by you, and must be original content not posted anywhere else. We may make exceptions for extremely valuable content that is only posted on your personal website/blog as well.
  • Content must obviously be related to marketing tools and strategies that will be of interest to our visitors.
  • Content cannot promote a specific product or service (so no advertorials, etc).
  • Content cannot be too basic or general in nature, but must offer something unique that our visitors can't find by doing a simple online search. For instance, we won't accept articles or videos that simply show you what an email autoresponder can do.
  • Any visuals submitted (photos, illustrations, animations, etc) must adhere to all copyright laws, and you must provide proof of adherence upon request. If needed, we can provide the necessary visuals to support your article.
  • For video submissions, please contact us regarding exact specifications. Also, we will place a Marketing Tool Depot bookends on either side of your video to fit with our branding.
  • Content that is controversial, including black-hat methods, will not be accepted. Nor will content with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Lastly, guest contributors will not be financially compensated in any way for providing content. If, however you provide ongoing content that is of the highest quality and our visitors find in valuable, we will consider offering you a paid author position with Marketing Tool Depot.

Whew! That's a long list! If we haven't scared you off and you'd like to get started submitting content, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

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