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3 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Email List on Pinterest

Do you have less than 100 subscribers on your email list?

Let me guess:

Your mom, sister, and husband are on your list too?

Growing an email list is hard, especially for mom bloggers, since marketing and promoting don’t come easy for us.

But, you know what?

I’ve found a super duper easy way to generate hundreds of subscribers using the one thing all of us love – Pinterest baby!

In fact, Pinterest is considered a search engine and is the second largest after Google .

Yup, people are using Pinterest to search for anything under the sun. Blogging tips, the best beauty creams, how to create a Chignon bun and more.

And, what’s even better, is that it can help grow your email list like wildfire.

From 0-1200 Email Subscribers in 4 Months

I started Twins Mommy early this year, and six months ago I decided to try and grow my traffic, income, and followers.

Within four months I had over 1200 email subscribers on my list. And for half that time, I didn’t even have a main freebie I was offering.

With a new blog, in a relatively saturated niche – mommy making money one – I was able to grow my list of targeted subscribers, i.e. interested in my content and who were my ideal audience.

So, how’d I do that?


I know we are all busy moms. Heck, I have twin preschoolers, and it’s hella hard working on my client’s projects, my own blogs, guest posting and promoting my content.

I know we are all time starved here.

So, I rounded the three quickest ways to grow your email list using Pinterest. Yes! Pinterest is a lifesaver and a definite time saver too.

1. Incentivize Your Pin

Each pin you send out on Pinterest can reach thousands of people. You can capture a small percent of pinners to your list by creating a call-to-action on your pin.

Another way to say this is to incentivize your pin as a way to show pinners what you have to offer is more than just a blog post. It’s like upgrading your pins.

There are two ways you can incentivize your pin. The first is to create a pin for your main offer, or your lead magnet.

For example, here’s Monica from Redefining Mom and her pin of her main offering– a free 7-day course for busy moms.

When you click on this image, it takes you to a landing page. This just means it’s a dedicated page just for her free email course.

The other way to incentivize your pin is to create a graphic of your freebie or main offering.

Usually, these freebies are content upgrades, which means it’s an extra guide, printable, or free resources that are related to the blog post the pin is created for.

For example, when I started growing Twins Mommy, I didn’t have a main offer. I wasn’t too sure about my audience, so what I did instead, was create content upgrades that related to my blog posts.

I then created a graphic by taking a screen shot of my free offer and sizing it in Photoshop. You can also do this in Canva.

Here is one of my incentivize pins for my post about affiliate marketing :

For some reason, when people actually see what they’re going to get, it increases the likelihood that they will click on your pin, read your content and sign up to your email list to receive that free offer.

This has proven to work for me and has helped me generate hundreds of subscribers each time I create a pin with an incentivized graphic. This pin has one of the highest conversion rates based on all my content upgrades – over 70% – and lets me know that my target audience likes this type of content.

2. Join Relevant Group Boards

I’m sure you’ve head that group boards are the place to be if you want to grow your traffic.

It’s also the perfect place to help you grow your email list. Group boards have the potential to grow your reach and have your pins viewed by millions of other pinners.

But, how do you find group boards in your niche? The easiest way I find my group boards is to visit other bloggers in my niche.

For example, if you go to my Pinterest profile , you’ll see that I’m in over fifty group boards that I belong to.

Click on any group boards that you like and read their guidelines for joining.

For example, for >Mom Blogs< you have to follow the group owner and the board. You then have to email the group owner and ask to join.

Another way to find relevant group boards is to visit PinGroupie . In the description, type in your niche and see what group boards there are available. For example, I typed mom blog.

Look at each group board’s guidelines and see if they accept contributors and how to join.

3. Automate Your Pinning Strategy


To kick your pins up a notch, you’re going to have to invest in an automation tool.

I use Tailwind to automate my pinning strategy. I currently pin 100 pins a day to over 100 boards – group boards and my own boards.

Tailwind suggests optimal times to schedule my pins, but I can also note certain times to pin.

To save time, you can create a board list of all the boards in a particular niche – blogging, mom DIY, lifestyle, make money, social media – and when it’s time to schedule your pins you just click the list, and you’re done.

For me, since I have two blogs, I have group boards for my freelance writing blog and group board for my Twins Mommy blog.

In minutes I can schedule my incentivized pins to go to group boards with thousands of more followers than my own boards have, ultimately helping me grow my email list each day.

Are You Ready?

If you aren’t sure you’re ready to start an email list, just think of your end goal. If you want to monetize your blog or create a product, you’re going to need a list to market to.

It’s true when you hear the term the money is in the list. Those people are 100% right. So, don’t start tomorrow to grow your list, start today by using these Pinterest strategies.

Over to you – was this helpful? Tell me in the comments what you plan on doing to grow your email list right now!

Elna Cain is a first-time mom to twins. Once she was able to get uninterrupted sleep, coffee and a few minutes to herself, she started freelance writing and never looked back. When she’s not writing for her clients or when her twins are sleeping, she’s helping other moms become mompreneurs at . Follow her on