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15 Facebook Marketing Groups to Join in 2019 | Social Media Today - Marketing Tool Depot
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15 Facebook Marketing Groups to Join in 2019 | Social Media Today

Social media marketing best practices are in state of constant flux, with optimal approaches constantly changing as algorithms shift and new platforms emerge. 

One of my best secrets for staying up-to-speed is connecting with other social media marketers. When you're part of a community of like-minded individuals striving toward the same goals, you're able to learn with and from your peers.

Facebook groups are one of the simplest ways to stay connected.

I'm a member of several marketing-focused Facebook groups, and for this post, I've rounded up my 15 all-time favorite Facebook marketing groups.

These groups managed by industry leaders, and filled with thousands of top marketers. 

Looking to stay a step ahead of the competition in 2019? These groups will help. 

1. Facebook Ad Hacks

Facebook Ad Hacks is a community for marketers, freelancers and agency owners who want feedback on their Facebook ads, and/or tips on how to increase traffic.

The group is curated by Cat Howell, founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a thriving digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook as.

With her expertise on how to build businesses, it's no wonder Facebook Ad Hacks has 88,000 members.

2. FBinfluence

FBinfluence was created in 2011 by award-winning social media marketing coach Andrea Vahl, co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies”.

By joining FBinfluence, marketers have the ability to network with over 5,000 other business owners who have used the tools and skills advocated by Andrea.

(You can also catch Andrea, Cat and I talking about Facebook marketing at the Facebook Ads Summit on Jan. 24.)

3. Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets

With 27,000 members, Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets provides everything that people with new agencies need.

The group declares itself as a home for those looking to expand their clientele. Members are invited to participate in a variety of discussions, from marketing book recommendations to ad run strategies.

4. Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers is derived from the marketing training program “Social Media Pro”.

Social Media Pro, created by Kate Buck and Jesse Jameson, provides a deep dive into social media management – Kate began the Facebook group as a supplement to her program, creating a forum for users to ask their most pressing social media questions.

Today, Social Media Managers has almost 27,000 marketing members, and continues to expand.


BAMF (short for Badass Marketers and Founders) is a Facebook group for those willing to push their marketing experience to new boundaries.

Created in 2017 by author and influencer Josh Fechter, the group has now accumulated more than 23,000 members.

Josh allows only those who live the BAMF lifestyle to join – if you're interested to see if you have what it takes, read Josh's book, “BAMF Bible” and join the group.

6. ClickFunnels

Group creator, Russell Brunson, made over one million dollars within a year of graduating from college.

Want to know his secret? Then join ClickFunnels.

What initially started out as software to help businesses grow their companies, ClickFunnels now invites Facebook marketers to be part of the #funnelhacker community online.

Along with the other 188,000 members, you can learn different techniques on how to elevate your products online without spending money.

7. Shopify, Ecom & Facebook Ads Community

Shopify, Econ & Facebook Ads Community is a place for marketers to receive advice from sales people making 6-figures monthly.

The tools offered here can be implemented immediately, and improve business habits – they even have videos which offer a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook analysis software, like Trackify.

This Facebook group makes eCommerce easy, and provides 23,000 other members to help you along the way.

8. Bot Academy: Facebook Messenger Marketing

One of the best tools today for marketers is a Facebook chat bot. If you haven't used one, and want to incorporate it into your business, this community is a great place to start.

One of the group's administrators, Andrew Warner, worked on this project after starting his own business, Mixergy. And while Mixergy is an environment for entrepreneurs to share their stories of success, Bot Academy focuses specifically on user's experience with Facebook chat bots.

Members are able to learn about the newest tricks to optimize their marketing.

9. Social Media United

Rachel Pedersen founded Social Media United in 2016 to build a community for social media gurus.

Branching from her company of the same name, the Facebook group invites marketers to share weekly goals, and encourage each other with new ideas.

With such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and affirmation, it's no surprise that Social Media United has almost 18,000 members.

10. Mod Agency Insiders

Mod Agency Insiders has more than 15,000 members who are looking to help each other grow and flourish.

Founder Mandy McEwen has already demonstrated success through her own company, Mod Girl Marketing. In this group, Mandy has dedicated specific days to workshopping your business – Fridays are for feedback and marketing celebrations.

11. 6 Figure Digital Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Who doesn't want to make six figures?

JR Rivas has climbed the digital marketing ladder by building his consulting business, Konectivity, and since then, his marketing strategies have taken off. He created 6 Figure Digital Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs, a Facebook group specifically for digital marketers, to share his key tips.

The group now has over 10,000 members.

12. Facebook Ad Buyers

Facebook Ad Buyers is a group for advertisers to come together and share the tricks of the trade.

Here, you can learn more about ad targeting, demographics and ad testing. And if you ever have any questions as well, there are 79,000 other buyers willing to help out.

13. Marketing with Messenger Bots

Marketing with Messenger Bots is another great group for when you want to up your digital marketing.

Founder and business owner Mackensie Liberman wanted to share her knowledge on the dynamic world of media advertising, so she created this Facebook group to do just that.

With close to 7,000 members, marketers can participate in a range of conversations about the best strategies for chat bot engagement.

14. Market Hero Nation

With over 69,000 members, Market Hero Nation is a platform for business owners who want to network and collaborate with similar marketing agents.

The group also offers free courses to members to help improve website traffic.

15. FB Ads Betterment Society

This is a great place to start out if larger marketing Facebook groups seem too intimidating – FB Ads Betterment Society makes it clear that all members are there to support each other and their endeavors.

There's a broad range of social media marketing groups out there, each providing different levels of advice and community to help broaden your knowledge and skills. Hopefully these groups provide you with some good starting points, and help steer you in the right direction in 2019.