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Is the #DeleteFacebook Movement the End for Advertisers?

Is the #DeleteFacebook movement really a movement at all?

So do I think the #DeleteFacebook is going to have an affect on Facebook advertisers?

Well let's see… when Elon Musk had the SpaceX Facebook page removed recently did you freak out and say:

“Oh no! Who am I going to sell my new astronaut ice cream to?! I was targeting people that liked the SpaceX page!!”

Um, probably not. Even though some high profile individuals (I see Will Ferrell joined the party today) have deleted their Facebook profiles and pages, it simply won't make a dent in the over 2 BILLION people that use Facebook every month.

The simple fact is, Facebook is intertwined into too many people's lives. It's how millions (or billions) stay connected to each other in today's world.

A key point here is that we've also NOT seen comments from advertisers and brands in general stating how they will stop advertising on Facebook! It hasn't happened! That's simply because they can't just chop Facebook out of their marketing efforts. The targeting is too good and the user base is simply too large.

So, the short answer is “no”, I don't think the #DeleteFacebook movement is really going to move much at all.

If you're curious about what got Facebook into hot water to begin with, and how Google is a culprit in all of this (bet you didn't see that coming!), be sure to watch our video on this topic below. It's long, but if you're interested in the details, I cover them.