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Facebook is Penalizing Engagement Baiters. Here’s why.

You better stop asking for “likes, “comments”, “tags”, and “shares”!

First, if you're one of those people who would rather watch a video than read, please scroll to the bottom for the video I made about this topic!

So that the heck is engagement baiting, you may ask? Well, if you've ever asked someone in a Facebook post or ad to “like”, “comment”, “tag a friend” or “share”… then you're guilty of engagement baiting!

Here are some example ads I pulled from Facebook (click to view larger):

So why does Facebook care so much about this? Well, their algorithm is built around promoting the content that people engage with the most. Pure and simple. So if a post or ad has more likes, comments, shares, etc then it will get more reach from Facebook.

What quickly happened is that advertisers figured this out and started asking people to engage with their ads. Makes sense, right?! Well Facebook thought this was a little too artificial and was “gaming” their algorithm a bit too much for their liking.

So, they're banning it (sort of).

Here is essentially what Facebook has told advertisers:

  • Posts / ads that feature engagement baiting tactics will be demoted.
  • Repeat offenders will be subject to further demotions.

Now what is a “demotion”? Well it essentially means your reach will be reduced, and possibly greatly reduced. So now you'll pay way more to reach the same number of people that you did before. We also suspect serial offenders could possibly be subject to ad account shut downs as well!

Oh, and this is already in full effect!

So please STOP using engagement baiting if you value your ad account!

What Facebook considers engagement baiting:

Facebook is looking for “genuine” interactions with posts and ads, and not interactions that are prompted or encouraged by the advertisers. Focus on your product or service and your messaging. You don't need to ask for interaction! Note that you can still ask people to click on your ad, etc as you really need to provide a call-to-action in every ad. You just can't ask for “likes”, “comments”, “tags” and “shares”.

We'll keep you updated if any of this changes!