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What Marketing Tool Depot is all about and how we can help your business. - Marketing Tool Depot
THE marketers source for tools, tips, tricks, guides and courses!

What Marketing Tool Depot is all about and how we can help your business.

This is why I started Marketing Tool Depot and what we stand for!

Hello, my name is Greg Beuerle and I'm the founder of Marketing Tool Depot.  This is the story of who I am, where I've come from, and why I decided to create Marketing Tool Depot.

When I was starting high school in the early 90's I was fascinated by a newfangled computer program we had at home called Corel Draw.  Photoshop was first created shortly prior to this program, but Corel Draw was the first graphics editing program to make it into many consumer households.  I was amazed at what I could create, and how easy it was to do, even for someone with absolutely no graphics experience!  I soon found myself creating flyers, letterhead, and anything else I could dream up for our family business.  My journey into marketing had begun.

Since those early days I have greatly expanded not only my technical knowledge of software and all the digital gadgets that surround us now, but also my understanding of sales and marketing.  I would read book after book, and read every article I could about marketing psychology, messaging, closing sales, and everything in between.

Just after high school I began doing some marketing consulting work, although at the time I probably had no idea I was even doing it!  I would help other small businesses and even some nonprofits with their marketing messaging and materials.  I would help them figure out what they wanted to say, and who they wanted to hear their message.  It was all a bit of a game to me; a challenge to connect A with B, and that feeling remains with me today.

So let's fast-forward to now.  Currently I own Clear Creek Media LLC which specializes in 3D animation, video production, and digital sales tool creation.  I also started Clear Creek Marketing LLC where I continue my marketing consulting work as well.  I primarily consult businesses on their digital sales and marketing strategies, and help them figure out what tools to use.  My clients include small family-owned businesses, and multi-billion dollar global corporations.  I truly love both, although sometimes the red tape involved inside of the large corporations can make me a bit grumpy even on my best days!

Through all of this I am an insatiable learner.  I love to learn all I can about everything that interests me even the slightest bit.  If I see a new marketing tool out there, then I want to know everything about it; how it works, how much it costs, and ultimately does it work, and for whom.  That last bit is extremely important, the “for whom” part.  It's why I created Marketing Tool Depot.

I have purchased countless marketing tools, courses, webinars, and who knows what else over the past 20+ years.  I would probably be embarrassed if I actually added up how much I've spent!  I just get so enamored by the slick messaging and graphics I see on various sales pages, and I want to see what they're doing.  How is this person or company selling their product to me, and why is it working?!  I know a lot of them work, because I ended up purchasing their product (see beginning of this paragraph).

So, back to the “for whom” part I mentioned earlier.  It seemed to me that most of the “tools” I came across online were marketed toward, well… other marketers.  Almost everything I saw seemed to simply be part of some crazy cycle:

Buy my awesome sales tool / system / etc!  It will teach you everything you need to sell more!

The problem is that most of them teach you how to sell the sales tool / system / etc that you just purchased!!  Or they simply teach you how to sell other sales tools to other online marketers!

Now, that's all well and great… if you are an online marketer yourself.

You may recall that my background isn't in online marketing per se.  I have, and continue to, help real brick-and-mortar businesses with their sales and marketing strategies.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the online marketing group (I'm one of those myself), but I have always had a special place in my heart if you will for the brick-and-mortar crowd.  I come from a family that has a 3rd generation factory that I grew up in, and still help out any chance I get.  My media company specializes in helping manufacturing companies, and I have at least a partial mechanical engineering background so I love anything technical and complicated!

The point is this… There are a LOT of sales and marketing “tools” out there.  I know, I've used and/or purchased a ton of them myself.  The problem I found is that very few address the sales and marketing issues faced by real brick-and-mortar businesses.  So my goal with this Marketing Tool Depot site is twofold; first to showcase some great sales and marketing tools that can help anyone involved with digital marketing, and 2) to make sure we don't leave out the brick-and-mortar crowd.

So I will make sure to steer the ship here in order to meet those goals.  We will also do it with complete transparency and honesty.  This site will feature a lot of different tools, and it will always be clear which tools we have personally vetted, and which tools friends and colleagues of ours recommended.  Some tools on this site will be available for direct purchase from us, but many will involve affiliate links to a 3rd party vendor, usually the tools creator.  We will ALWAYS divulge when we are presenting you with an affiliate link!  Affiliate links aren't dirty, hidden ways to make us money.  We legitimately have to make money with this website in order to exist, and we do that through affiliate links, direct marketing tool sales, and our courses.  Unfortunately I'm not a multi-millionaire philanthropist, otherwise I'd give away all of this awesome info for free! (Someday though…)

Stay tuned, sign up for our email list, and watch what happens here.  I think it's going to be something great.  No matter if you're new to online marketing, a seasoned veteran looking for new angles and information, or the brick-and-mortar business owner looking for an edge over the competition… I think we can help you out.

Welcome to Marketing Tool Depot.


Greg Beuerle